Pierre Berge, the longtime lover and business partner of Yves Saint-Laurent, serves as the primary talking head for this French documentary about their relationship, and his enduring regard for the fashion designer, who died in 2008, keeps nudging the film into hagiography. Director Pierre Thoretton frames the narrative with the giant auction held by Berge and Christie’s at the Grand Palais to dispose of the treasures he and Saint-Laurent had accumulated during their life together; there are many long, slow pans through the gorgeously appointed homes the men maintained in France and Morocco. Saint-Laurent is sketched in as a shy man consumed by the pressures of his work, and Berge speaks frankly about his partner’s depression and substance abuse. But the details of Saint-Laurent’s creative process are fairly scant compared to the endless display of material possessions; when the movie is over, it seems more like a catalog than a life story. In French with subtitles.