Land Ho!

In this engaging, low-key character study, two lonely old guys from Kentucky pair up for a tour of Iceland, where their friendship deepens even as their prospects for romantic adventure diminish. Paul Eenhoorn, a quiet, sober Australian actor best known for the moving This Is Martin Bonner (2013), plays Colin, a grieving widower whose ill-considered second marriage has just blown up in his face; Earl Lynn Nelson, a relative newcomer, nearly upstages Eenhoorn as Colin’s brother-in-law, Mitch, an impetuous, pot-smoking good ol’ boy whose party-monster shtick is belied by the fact that he used to be a surgeon. The movie was cowritten and codirected by Aaron Katz (Dance Party USA) and Martha Stephens, two young indie talents who shouldn’t understand the wisdom and acceptance of old age as well as they obviously do.