The harrowing subject matter and postmodern narrative ought to make this Iranian drama by writer-director Reza Dormishian tough to watch, but the story is driven by obsession and ends, surprisingly, as a parable of forgiveness. A gutsy photojournalist (Maryam Palizban) mixes work with social activism, trying to save juvenile killers from execution by winning clemency from the victims’ survivors, in accordance with Islamic law. But when she allows herself to get mixed up with a charming but unstable criminal (Navid Mohammadzadeh), she gets to experience victimhood firsthand. Dormishian fractures the narrative, assembling the story from mock interviews with various peripheral characters, and then fractures those pieces even further, periodically breaking scenes down into a cascade of freeze-frames from different angles. Her technique demands close attention but also sustains the multiple perspectives that feed into the web of justice. In Persian with subtitles.