Jason Bitner, co-creator of Found magazine, was patronizing a diner in the title town when he stumbled onto an archive of some 18,000 photos from the 1950s and ’60s that the owner had inherited from a local portrait photographer. Chronicling three generations of graduations and weddings, poodle cuts and other stunning coiffures, the archive became the source material for Bitner’s 2006 book LaPorte, Indiana, which Bitner and director Joe Beshenkovsky have adapted into this delicate but somehow epic documentary. Beshenkovsky follows up with people from the photos; some have become parents, or divorced, or lost sons to the war, but they still live in LaPorte, an anachronistic place where teens have drag races and the elderly dole out aphorisms like “Having fun is fun.” A eulogy to the town and its old-fashioned ways, the video is as intimate and picturesque as its subject.