Last Men in Aleppo

Millions of people worldwide saw the June 2014 video, shot during Russian air strikes against the city of Aleppo, in which a Syrian rescue worker reaches into the rubble of a collapsed building, grabs the collar of a buried baby, and pulls it out of the wreckage to safety. But in Feras Fayyad’s moving and suspenseful documentary Last Men in Aleppo, one sees the video through particular eyes, as a little raven-haired girl watches it on a smartphone in her family’s living room. “That’s daddy!” she exclaims to the filmmaker, and then turns to her father. “You got him out! It was you!” Her father, Khaled Omar Harrah, is a member of the Syrian Civil Defense or, more popularly, the White Helmets. As civil war rages, these heroic volunteers hurtle toward the sites of aerial bombardment and risk their lives to recover the survivors, the dead, or even body parts for identification. Continue reading>>