Atypical for the Japanese horror genre, this 2004 thriller uses black-and-white digital video to simulate a documentary approach to its subject, a severely disabled alcoholic loner named Sumida (Masakiyo Sumida). His only significant encounters with women are with his cook, until she brings her pretty niece (Mari Torii) on board as a fill-in for his regular caretaker (Naozo Hatta), a hunky local rock musician. The film clearly establishes itself as a fictional narrative when Sumida, inflamed by booze, jealousy, porn, and his own infirmities, turns into a serial killer. The jagged editing and grainy images, often underexposed, give director Go Shibata’s psychodrama an experimental edginess that compounds the revulsion; anyone seeing this will never again be patronizing toward the handicapped. In Japanese with subtitles. 83 min.