Ten-year-old Devon (Mischa Barton) is trapped in a gated community with a cartoonishly self-involved father, a cartoonishly hypocritical mother, and an active fantasy life that revolves around an evil witch. Trent (Sam Rockwell), who mows the lawns in Camelot Gardens, is sought after by some residents who’d sooner jump in his bed than talk to him in public; Devon is determined to befriend him partly because her parents would be horrified. Many of the events and all of the supporting characters suggest a familiar critique of classism, but the connection that forms between the sheltered child and the almost bitter outsider is intriguing and open-ended. Their relationship is buffeted by the different sensibilities of writer Naomi Wallace and director John Duigan and swings wildly from eerie sincerity to cliche, yet the awe-inspiring performances by Barton and Rockwell make this not entirely successful 1998 movie intermittently mesmerizing.