Marking off the calendar days until February 29, a young woman in Mexico City (Monica Del Carmen) spends the daylight hours freelance writing for a business publication and her nighttime hours bringing home a series of young men for one-night stands. One of them (Gustavo Sanchez Parra) turns out to be a rough character, and on repeat visits the woman slips into an increasingly brutal and ugly S-M relationship with him. This stunning debut feature by Michael Rowe is so austere and disciplined—no score, no voice-overs, a single set, and a rigorously objective point of view—that its graphic and sometimes upsetting sex scenes never seem exploitative. The end result is a quietly heartrending portrait of a person so damaged and miserably lonely that when her lover asks her how it feels to be pissed on, she replies, “Warm.” In Spanish with subtitles.