Wally Cleaver (Erik von Detten) gets his very own falling-in-love montage in this extrapolation, whose dead-on imitations of some of the characters from the television series created by Bob Mosher and Joe Connelly will seem pointlessly stylized to viewers unfamiliar with the old sitcom. Unlike The Brady Bunch Movie—which mocked its TV-based characters’ era-specific tics, bringing the family into the 90s as if by time machine—this update, written by Brian Levant and Lon Diamond and directed by Andy Cadiff, carefully preserves the personalities and ethics of the Cleavers without their quaint fashions or cloying slang, though a contrived scene treats the parents’ sexuality as if it were ironic. And the wish expressed by Eddie Haskell (Adam Zolotin)—to be the straw when he sees a girl he likes sipping soda through one—makes the characterization of Eddie and Wally, who overhears him, a little murky: we’re supposed to believe that neither of them would get the double entendre.