This documentary by Gerald Fox about the photographer Robert Frank debuted in 2004 on the British ITV series The South Bank Show and then was removed from circulation at Frank’s request for 15 years. In this expanded version, Frank, best known for his seminal photographic work The Americans, shot on the road in 1955 and 1956, is presented as one of the last remaining artists of the restless Beat generation. He’s surrounded by ghosts and mighty wearied by the past. The shifts back and forth between his two homes (in Manhattan and Mabou, Nova Scotia), between the past and present, between one medium of creative expression and another, between the living and the dead, provide a good approximation of an artist’s process, but director Fox let his subject lead too much of the way, and the film’s resulting stream-of-consciousness shapelessness could easily confuse any viewer who knew little or nothing about Frank and his works going in. CONTINUE READING