Tom Hardy takes on a dual role as Reggie and Ronnie Kray, ruthless identical twins who became celebrity gangsters in Swinging London before they were taken down by Scotland Yard in 1968. Onscreen for nearly the entire movie, but seldom as both men at once, Hardy never comes across like two rounded people, more like a single person with a Jekyll-and-Hyde personality: Reggie is the smooth, stable one, pursuing marriage with an East End lovely (Emily Browning) and trying to keep the brothers’ criminal operation on an even keel; Ronnie is the mumbling, bespectacled wacko, openly bisexual and prone to Scorsese-style outbursts of savage violence. American writer-director Brian Helgeland, following up on his impressive Jackie Robinson biopic 42, never seems quite at home in old Blighty, but he delivers a thorough, nicely paced treatment of the brothers’ rise and fall. With David Thewlis and Chazz Palminteri, both first-rate.