Like George A. Romero’s horror classic Martin (1977), this Swedish shocker (2008) mixes vampire mythology with adolescent melancholy, and just as the earlier film was rooted in reality by its run-down Pittsburgh locations, this one draws heavily on its working-class setting, a drab suburb of Stockholm. Twelve-year-old Oskar (Kare Hedebrant) is bullied mercilessly at school and longs for a friend; one finally arrives in the person of Eli (Lina Leandersson), a pallid girl with a rumbling stomach who moves in next door. The boy begins to realize something is up when he slashes his palm to seal their friendship with a blood oath and she dives onto the floor to slurp up his drippings. The Scandinavian moodiness of the first half gives way to a series of jolting set pieces in the second, and as you might expect, the bullies get theirs in spectacular fashion. Tomas Alfredson directed a script by John Ajvide Lindqvist, who adapted his own successful novel. In Swedish with subtitles.