The crew of the International Space Station receive a space probe carrying a cellular life form it collected from the surface of Mars; the organism grows into a sort of clear jellyfish that they nickname Calvin, but before long Calvin has broken out of quarantine and started eating them. This sci-fi shocker sticks closely to the Alien playbook, down to the intimately acquainted, flatly characterized crew and the scenes of chaos, panic, and overlapping dialogue as one after another of them is captured by the flesh-eating wad of superglue. The entire story takes place in zero gravity, so when one of the astronauts is killed, globules of his own blood float around him; the players (including Jake Gyllenhaal, Rebecca Ferguson, Ryan Reynolds, and Hiroyuki Sanada) spent so much time in harnesses they must have been ready to puke. But I’m glad they didn’t. Daniel Espinosa directed.