A loving but unstinting portrait of longtime Ingmar Bergman cinematographer Sven Nyqvist, who’s also worked with Woody Allen, Roman Polanski, and Andrei Tarkovsky. Directed by Nyqvist’s son Carl-Gustaf, this 2000 documentary gives a good view of Sven’s cinematic achievements but also acknowledges his personal failings (such as favoring work over family, which may have figured in his eldest son’s suicide). Nyqvist, whom aphasia forced into retirement, appears in the film along with various associates: Bergman actor Erland Josephson describes how Nyqvist could anticipate actors’ movements, and Melanie Griffith calls him “really cool . . . for his age.” Well-chosen clips from the cinematographer’s work illustrate his spare close-ups and soft, sensual use of light and prove Bergman’s claim that the camera can “register the soul.” 76 min.