It’s been one year since the death of Rosie’s (Sarah Rich) sister, and she still wants answers. With no help from the police or anyone around her, Rosie takes matters in her own hands to track down the man she believes bullied her sister to suicide. Sarah Pirozek’s debut feature is an energetic look at one young woman’s quest for justice, revenge, or whichever best fits the bill. #Like is also a refreshing retelling of the torture film. While the dark basement setting and intense interrogations feel familiar, #Like gives Rosie all the power and lets her do whatever she wants with it—and Rich’s layered performance makes it impossible to look away. #Like can feel underdeveloped when it takes Rosie out of the torture room to maintain her relationships in the real world, but it’s fascinating to watch her figure out what it is she wants and what she needs to do to get it.