Having fled Nazi Germany, Fritz Lang arrived in Paris to direct this 1934 adaptation of Ferenc Molnar’s popular Hungarian play (which would ultimately be turned into the musical Carousel). Charles Boyer stars as a charming ne’er-do-well who ditches his job as a carnival barker to woo, marry, neglect, and abuse doe-eyed Madeleine Ozeray; after committing suicide in the wake of a botched robbery attempt, he arrives in heaven and gets one last chance to redeem himself. This may seem like an odd property for the man who made M (1931), but its story of a bad man yearning to repent clearly struck a chord in the cruel, selfish Lang, and he loved its wickedly satirical treatment of heaven as a cloudy realm populated by officious bureaucrats. To the end of his days he would rank Liliom among his very best work, and he may have been right: despite the fantasy trappings, this is a personal statement, darkly and deeply felt. In French with subtitles.