Psycho II director Richard Franklin’s stopover at the Bates Motel must have addled his brain: there’s no other plausible explanation for the infantile turn of his next two features (this and the equally regressive Cloak & Dagger). Primate experimenter Terence Stamp (who must have flunked all his courses at the Jane Goodall School of Advanced Primatology) hires college student Elisabeth Shue to take care of a brood of murderous chimps (at least they’re murderous when they aren’t cutely mugging for the camera). Franklin still has an expressive way with odd visual angles (the film is actually watchable once you’ve resigned yourself to its juvenile aspirations), but he utterly fumbles the cross-species sexual tensions (simian lusts versus nubile innocence etc, etc) and his anthropoid actors just can’t act. Altogether inferior to Bride of the Gorilla, which is a sorry enough fate for any film.