This unabashedly emotional drama is based on a memoir by Saroo Brierley, who was only five when he got separated from his family in rural India and ultimately wound up fending for himself in Calcutta. First-time actor Sunny Pawar carries the early part of the film, registering the lost youngster’s panic and bewilderment as well as the warmth and spirit that led him to the haven of an adoptive Australian couple. Dev Patel plays the character in the second half, as the adult Brierley searches obsessively for his birth mother and siblings back in India. Director Garth Davis uses close-ups sparingly and hits no false notes; cinematographer Greig Fraser (Zero Dark Thirty) creates a child’s perspective by setting the camera at the hero’s eye level and conveys the grandeur of India through sweeping panoramic and overhead shots. With Nicole Kidman, David Wenham, and Rooney Mara. In English and subtitled Bengali and Hindi.