Is this the 500th camp film I’ve seen about aliens invading a trendy youth group, or does it only seem that way? Director Slava Tsukerman doesn’t have any new ideas, though this 1982 feature does improve on some old ones, notably its use of a rapid parallel montage technique (not for nothing was the director a Soviet emigre) to enliven the ancient Warholian comedy of boredom and underreaction by cutting to different characters and different shticks. The plotline—a visiting flying saucer the size of a dinner plate allows a disaffected punk fashion model to eliminate her exploitative lovers by dematerializing them during orgasm—does capture the neopuritanism of the new wave movement, but Tsukerman does little more than pass it on. But Anne Carlisle, who stars as both the model and her creepy male counterpart, projects a disturbing and original aura of opaque, ingrained despair. With Paula E. Sheppard and Susan Doukas.