Listen to Me Marlon

Listen to Me Marlon, an engrossing documentary portrait of Marlon Brando, has more than its share of awkward moments, but none more so than its 1955 clip of the 30-year-old actor appearing on Edward R. Murrow’s CBS interview series Person to Person alongside his 60-year-old father, Marlon Brando Sr. When Murrow asks the father if he’s proud of his son—who has just won an Oscar for On the Waterfront—Marlon Sr. replies, “Well, as an actor, not too proud, but as a man, why quite proud.” Murrow doesn’t follow up on this odd remark, asking instead if Marlon Jr. was difficult to bring up. “I think he had probably a little more trouble with his parents than most children do,” the father replies, as Marlon Jr. grimaces. Given the chance to respond, the actor smiles: “Well, I really don’t feel I need to defend myself. I can lick this guy with one hand, so . . . let it go.” Continue reaidng >>