A married construction foreman (Tom Hardy) abandons his responsibilities the night before an important job and drives to a London hospital, where a woman with whom he had a fling is about to give birth to his child. Written and directed by Steven Knight, this British release functions as sort of a mobile chamber drama: the action is confined entirely to the protagonist’s car, and the story unfolds through cell phone calls to his wife, who’s devastated; his boss, who’s enraged; and his panicked ex-lover. The conceit is riveting at first because Knight forgoes any backstory or exposition, though as the foreman’s plight becomes clear, the tension quickly dissipates. Visually the film is a Dogme 95-esque exercise in minimalism and available resources; Knight uses passing streetlights and reflections in the car’s windows to dreamy, impressionistic effect, but this is dispelled by Hardy’s garrulous scene chewing. Featuring the voices of Ruth Wilson and Ben Daniels.