A heart-wrenching performance from Brenda Blethyn sustains this 2009 drama by French writer-director Rachid Bouchareb (Days of Glory, Outside the Law). She plays a good-hearted but narrow-minded widow from the Island of Guernsey who grows worried about her daughter in London following the July 2005 terror attacks on the subway and bus system. Arriving at the young woman’s flat, she discovers to her horror that the daughter was romantically involved with a French Muslim classmate and may have died alongside him in the Tavistock Square bus that was blown apart by a suicide bomber. Playing the young man’s father, Burkinabe actor Sotigui Kouyate maintains a stoic facade as the British woman recoils from and finally accepts his kindness; her character arc seems more admirable than credible, though like many of our 9/11 dramas, the movie drives home the anguish—and anger—of family members who searched in vain for the missing. In English and subtitled French.