Watching a film where a young person is groomed to be an abusive relationship is a bit like watching a horror flick. You know that whatever lurks behind the proverbial door is bad news, and the heroine is screwed. In Lost Gurl, that heroine is Nola (played by talented Chicagoan Kristin E. Ellis), a bright teenager with plans to attend DePaul until she meets Jay (Simeon Henderson), an older man who charms her off her feet before pulling her into a world of drugs and violence. This feels like a modern update to the old-school PG-rated drama of an ABC Afterschool Special, and perhaps that’s the point. What it lacks in plot twists and character development, it makes up for in messaging. And though violence permeates the film, director and writer Edward J. Wilson takes care to leave the most graphic bits (including sexual assault), just out of view. I hope this film becomes available to anyone who needs to see it.