Lost in Paris

The golden age of silent comedy lives on in Dominique Abel and Fiona Gordon, Belgian performers who deliver the sort of balletic movement, wild pratfalls, and surreal sight gags we expect from Chaplin and Keaton. This 2014 feature is Abel and Gordon’s fourth as writer-director-stars, and though it doesn’t hold a candle to their goofy Rumba (2008), their inventive visual humor still seems like a breath of fresh air compared to the verbal snark of most modern movie comedies. Gordon plays a Canadian rube who arrives in the title city, and Abel is a local vagabond who takes a shine to her. The middle-aged stars may not be quite as limber as they used to be, but they’ve still got the moves—check out their smoldering dance number in a swank restaurant, to a techno tune whose bass beat causes the other diners to jump in unison. In English and subtitled French.