Lost in the White City

A couple of bratty New York art students—an aspiring poet (Haley Bennett) and an experimental filmmaker (Thomas Dekker)—travel to Tel Aviv in search of creative inspiration, only to get mired in the local party scene. Screenwriter Tanner King Barklow clearly intends this low-budget 2013 drama as a critique of Americans’ ignorance of other cultures, portraying the leads as unwaveringly selfish, crass, and immature. Unfortunately he makes his point too well; the couple are simply insufferable, and their ongoing romantic strife isn’t especially interesting. This gains a bit of melodramatic verve only when the filmmaker character becomes sexually infatuated with an Israeli soldier, a subplot that plays like secondhand Gregg Araki (both Bennett and Dekker appeared in Araki’s Kaboom). Barklow codirected with Gil Kofman. In English and subtitled Hebrew.