Frank Grow’s effects-laden, MTV-paced independent feature (1997) follows Larue, a young man suffering from “compulsive reading syndrome,” as he?s prematurely discharged from a mental institution and takes up residence in a seedy rooming house. Everyone else in the film is crazy too: Dr. Noguchi, who has his own theory of evolution, keeps a giant primordial worm that escapes into the sewer system and emerges from toilets to attack the unwary; Larue’s neighbors include a young mute woman who uncontrollably throws herself upon him and her cleanliness-obsessed mother. The numerous effects, rapid cutting and fast-moving, handheld close-ups seem designed to keep the pace lively, but everything is pitched at the same level of hysteria, and the whole thing looks like a parody of a student-film parody of a campy grade-Z horror film. If seeing characters shriek and writhe while covered in blood sounds appealing, this is for you.