In this painfully unfunny sex farce (2014), a Bosnian man (Ermin Bravo) and his pregnant French bride (Ariane Labed) flirt with infidelity while vacationing at a cheesy “all-inclusive” resort on a Croatian island. The twist is that the husband doesn’t realize the Romanian beauty he desires (Ada Condeescu) is actually his wife’s lover, though the ensuing bisexual triangle is just an excuse for a series of lame gags, many revolving around Bravo’s ill-fitting Speedo. Director Jasmila Žbanić attempts a tone of lighthearted fun—hypersaturated colors, karaoke renditions of 80s pop songs, surreal underwater interludes depicting Labed and Condeescu as mermaids—but it all feels forced and cloying. Aging spaghetti-western icon Franco Nero (who served as executive producer) pops up as a randy Italian tourist and Greek-chorus figure. Žbanić cowrote the screenplay with Chicago-based novelist Aleksandar Hemon. Subtitled.