Love Triangle

Laurie (Cynthia Housel) and Quinton (Byron Smith) are young lovers engaged to be married, but his sexual infidelity has created an unspoken resentment between them; shortly after he pops the question, she has an affair with her lifelong friend, Justice (Markiss McFadden). This sultry, slow-burning melodrama (2013) generates palpable suspense, though the low-budget production values, mannered performances, and hokey dialogue often result in unintended laughs. McFadden directed his own script, displaying some visual chops (there are more than few inspired compositions) and considerable thematic ambition. The metaphorical, pseudo-Shakespearean climax includes a Mexican standoff among the three characters and a sequence that may or not be fantasy; it’s completely ridiculous, but McFadden’s conviction is impressive.