The South by Southwest festival provides a touchstone for the so-called mumblecore filmmakers, and two of the most successful—Jay and Mark Duplass of Cyrus fame—have returned the favor, producing this indie comedy by Austin writer-director Bryan Poyser. The love triangle at its center involves a failed and dyspeptic fiction writer (Chris Doubek), who’s spent years circling a dark novel called Lovers of Hate; his unhappy wife (Heather Kafka), who’s finally thrown him out; and his younger brother (Alex Karpovsky), who, to the older one’s envy and dismay, has become a publishing star with a successful series of young-adult fantasies. In the second half of the movie, the older brother sneaks into the younger one’s bucolic home in Park City, Utah, and eavesdrops on the illicit lovers as they alternately get it on and dissect his character flaws. Poyser seriously overplays this comic situation, but his debut feature sticks to the writerly, character-oriented, low-budget ethic that has made the mumblecore scene a reliable wellspring of watchable indies.