After her husband is downsized, a spoiled homemaker (Diane Keaton) hires on as a janitor at the Federal Reserve Bank in Kansas City and enlists two coworkers (Queen Latifah, Katie Holmes) in a scheme to smuggle out worn bills before they’re shredded. This lame comedy was adapted from a recent British TV movie, though its (quite literal) money shots of the women squealing and hurling cash in the air reminded me of 80s greed capers like Trading Places and A Fish Called Wanda. Plot holes abound—for starters, the bills most likely to wear out are the smallest denominations, not the benjamins the women stuff into their pants here. The stars phone in their expected personas (Keaton testy, Latifah earthy), except for Holmes, who’s unconvincing as a gum-chewing trailer babe. Callie Khouri directed; with Ted Danson. PG-13, 104 min.