Spanish actress Rossy de Palma, a favorite of director Pedro Almodóvar, brings her heroic profile and bubbly personality to this pleasant social satire by French writer-director Amanda Sthers. A wealthy American couple vacationing in France (Toni Colette, Harvey Keitel) host a dinner party for their influential friends, and to avoid an unlucky 13 place settings, the hostess directs her effusive maid (de Palma) to pose quietly as a guest. Of course, the impostor can’t keep her mouth shut at dinner, and to her boss’s dismay, she attracts the romantic attentions of a debonair art broker (Michael Smiley), who’s charmed by her emotionalism and lack of pretense (she swoons at paintings of the Madonna and child, the sappier the better). In English and subtitled French and Spanish.