This 2003 video documentary may focus on Larry Levan, the influential New York dance-club DJ, but its greatest merit is shedding light on the hedonistic gay black and Latino underground dance community of the 70s, where the seeds of the international dance-music scene were sown. Pioneering DJs like Francis Grasso, David Mancuso, Nicky Siano, and Frankie Knuckles recall the heyday of clubs like the Loft, the Studio, and Paradise Garage–where Levan became a star–and explain the evolution of the form and its particulars (massive sound systems, 12-inch singles, remixing). The structure is disjointed and the camerawork often amateurish, and director Josell Ramos too often uses grainy, slow-motion images to convey a sense of introspection, but the various talking heads keep this crucial slice of cultural history compelling. 92 min.