Like Sacha Gervasi’s Hitchcock, this French romantic comedy pays tribute to a great director by making him a character in a movie that mimics one of his own. The young actor Jocelyn Quivrin appeared in Eric Rohmer’s last film, The Romance of Astrea and Celadon, before dying in a car accident in 2009, and Rohmer passed away a few months later at age 89. Drawing on Quivrin’s recollections of the shoot, which included his amorous pursuit of a fetching costar, writer-director Léa Fazer reimagines the movie’s production and premiere as a celebration of young love and its vicissitudes, with an affectionate portrait of Rohmer in all his literary acumen and emotional wisdom. The comedy is broader than Rohmer would have permitted, but this is a modest success nonetheless—and when you’re dealing with a master like Rohmer, you’d damn well better be modest. With Pio Marmaï and Michael Lonsdale. In French with subtitles.