Lush and claustrophobic, Sam Levinson’s new film stars John David Washington and Zendaya as the titular Macolm and Marie. The couple return home after attending a premier for Malcolm’s new movie and a series of arguments ensue, revealing both the softness and the brokenness in their relationship with each other. The performances in this film are stellar, Washington’s frenzied mania playing off of Zendaya’s sinuous slow burn. The cinematography is also exquisite, the film shot in luminous black and white with some truly spectacular tracking shots. The story, however, has the feeling of standing on the street and watching someone’s muted domestic tableau unfold through a well-lit window. A sense of voyeurism sparkles. Still, the initial effervescence fades as one fight becomes two, then three. How long can someone stand outside a house and hold interest in the scene in the window? Perhaps not nearly two hours.