Malignant is the type of movie that requires viewers to strap in and shut up from the onset. That’s because, at various points throughout James Wan’s latest two-hour-long offering, he truly tests viewers’ ability to suspend disbelief. And while horror expects that, it gets a bit trickier here because Malignant’s undertones grab generously from other genres to make for a messy movie. Following Madison (Annabelle Wallis), who is paralyzed by shocking visions of gruesome murders, which she soon discovers are actually real, the movie is a trope-heavy thrill ride. Complete with an orphan origin story and evil entity, its series of events is bonkers beyond belief. The thing is, it’s still all potentially terrifying, but certain decisions continually work to undercut the fear and leave viewers asking questions like, “Does James Wan understand how arms work?” If they can resign to the ride, though, it will be an entertaining one. R, 111 min.

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