Superman returns, in a complete reboot only seven years after Bryan Singer’s tedious Superman Returns. Warner Bros. decided that one didn’t merit a sequel and instead started over with Christopher Nolan and David S. Goyer, who wrote the “Dark Knight” trilogy; their screenplay is a big improvement over the previous one, mainly because they’ve created a satisfying arc between the hero’s genesis story (just before his native Krypton explodes his father fires him off to earth in a rocket) and the big battle at the end (the wicked General Zod, a fellow survivor of Krypton, arrives on earth 30 years later, hoping to colonize the planet). Zack Snyder (300) directed; with Michael Shannon (monochromatic as the snarling Zod), Amy Adams (as Lois Lane), Kevin Costner and Diane Lane (as the homespun Kents), and Henry Cavill (dully handsome as Clark Kent/Superman, which is all the role requires).