Asif Kapadia’s documentaries Senna (2010) and Amy (2015) seem to be the primary reference points for this chronicle of opera singer Maria Callas. Like those movies, it’s assembled almost entirely from archival footage, leading viewers to reflect on the extraordinary amount of time the subject spent in the public eye. Unlike Kapadia’s films, however, this doesn’t conjure up the eerie sense that the events are unfolding in the present tense, nor is the assemblage of materials ever fully immersive. Director Tom Volf provides a detailed account of Callas’s career, addressing her personal life only moderately, and the relative absence of gossip is refreshing in light of so many salacious documentaries about celebrities. The film asserts that Callas was, above all, a world-class performer; Volf plays numerous arias in their entirety, letting the singer’s work speak for itself.