Your fond memories of Patrick Stewart as captain of the starship Enterprise may not survive this chamber drama in which he plays a flamboyant dance professor at Juilliard, prone to such florid exclamations as “God, I used to love to perform cunnilingus!” Written and directed by Stephen Belber, whose crafty three-hand play Tape generated one of Richard Linklater’s best movies, this involving 2014 drama, adapted from Belber’s ten-year-old play, operates in much the same fashion, with a trio of characters whose relationships shift as secrets are revealed; the other two characters are a young woman interviewing the professor for a dissertation (Carla Gugino) and her thuggish boyfriend (Matthew Lillard), a cop with a hidden agenda. Belber sometimes strains credulity to keep the characters together until the end, but Stewart carries the story to its conclusion with a performance ranging from the fierce to the tender.