Presented by Maya Entertainment Group, this touring festival of seven Latino-themed features screens Friday through Thursday, September 9 through 15, at River East 21. Amy Wendel’s All She Can tells the story of a small-town woman who competes in a weightlifting competition in hope of winning a scholarship to the University of Texas at Austin. In Jose Joffily’s Blue Eyes, an immigration officer causes the death of a young Brazilian and, following his release from prison, travels to South America to make amends with the victim’s family. Bigas Lunas directed Di Di Hollywood, about a Spanish woman who journeys to Miami and then Los Angeles in search of a career in show business. William Wedig’s Forged is about a father who tries to reconnect with his teenage son after having served a prison term for killing the boy’s mother. Sympathy for Delicious, the directing debut of actor Mark Ruffalo, features him, Juliette Lewis, Laura Linney, Orlando Bloom, and Christopher Thornton in a story about the world of faith healers. Mun Chee Yong’s Where the Road Meets the Sun follows the intersecting paths of four disparate men when they arrive in Los Angeles. And Gabriela Tagliavini’s comedy Without Men stars Eva Longoria and Christian Slater in a story about a Latin American village whose women do very nicely for themselves after all the men leave to become guerrilla fighters. For more information, including a schedule of showtimes, see