Me and You

Bernardo Bertolucci delivers his first feature since The Dreamers (2003), and like that movie it’s a story of young people cocooned together and reveling in their isolation from the adult world. Fourteen-year-old Lorenzo (Jacopo Olmo Antonori) is so fed up with his hectoring mother that he claims to be going on a class ski trip but instead sets himself up in the basement of their apartment building, where he plans to spend the week reading, listening to music, and monitoring his ant farm. His idyll is interrupted, however, by the arrival of his 25-year-old half sister, Olivia (Tea Falco), who’s looking for a place to crash while she withdraws from a heroin habit. Bertolucci has been confined to a wheelchair for the past several years following a series of back surgeries, and in press notes he explains that he identified with the story’s sense of enclosure; the defining emotion here, however, is a characteristic warmth toward—and envy of—young people coming into bloom. In Italian with subtitles.