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Courtesy Saeed Adyani, Netflix

Me Time seemingly had all the ingredients to at least be an enjoyable, mainstream comedy. It pairs Kevin Hart with Mark Wahlberg, both of whom have excelled within the genre. They’re joined by a stellar supporting cast, too, including the always exemplary Regina Hall, who previously thrived alongside Hart in About Last Night

In Me Time, Hart plays Sonny, a stay-at-home dad, who is encouraged by his wife Maya (Hall) to reconnect with his former best friend Huck (Wahlberg), after spending the last decade only caring for his two children. Once Maya goes to visit her parents, Sonny does indeed call up Huck, who soon kick-starts a wild weekend that nearly ruins both of their lives. 

Written and directed by John Hamburg, whose own credits include writing Meet the Parents, Zoolander, and Night School, Me Time unfortunately fails to turn this smart idea for a comedy into anything worthwhile. Hart, Wahlberg, and Hall are given scraps to try and turn into laughs. Then when Me Time introduces bigger comedic set pieces, they’re too broad and fall painfully flat. Even its one-hour-and-41-minute runtime quickly becomes a trudge. Make sure to avoid Me Time, otherwise it’ll just end up wasting yours. R, 101 min.