The Deedles of this flaccid 1998 comedy, which begins in Hawaii, are layabout fraternal twins (Steve Van Wormer and Paul Walker)—a brain and a face—who decide to try to impress their disapproving father after he packs them off to survival camp. The boys end up instead at Yellowstone National Park, where the prairie-dog population is out of control, thanks to disgruntled ex-ranger Dennis Hopper and his squirrelly henchmen, including Robert Englund. Mistaken for rangers in training, the Deedle boys are charged with solving the problem in time for the park’s anniversary celebration. Much of the plot just provides excuses for beach-party and surfing scenes—it’s not clear whether they’re supposed to be campy or merely formulaic—and most of the dialogue requires the supporting actors to do little more than vary the way they inflect the boys’ last name. Steve Boyum directed a screenplay by Jim Herzfeld.