A program of short films from Mexico’s alternative cinema. The Communicados series (1968) was created by Consejo Nacional de Huelga, a collective of students from the national film school that was a hotbed of leftist politics at the time. After bringing their cameras to demonstrations, the filmmakers created a montage of stills, footage, and sounds from the front that still seems urgent and frightening today; curiously, most of the up-close images from the three parts being screened resemble TV coverage of the Tiananmen Square protest. Sergio Garcia’s El fin (1970) and Ah, Verda (1973) are daffy, psychedelic fantasies about a hippie idyll interrupted by straights and a scheme to lace the water supply with LSD; prodded by the music of the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, they’re derivative of Richard Lester but lack his craft. Jesusa Rodriguez and Ximena Cuevas’s Victimas del pecado neo-liberal (1995) is a collection of street-theater skits about assassinations and other political skulduggery, but its glibness obscures its message. Juan Jose Gurrola’s pretentious, slumberous Segunda primera matrice (1973) is even more opaque: a poem about birth and rebirth is accompanied by images of live birth, a nude couple, and someone in a snake costume.