Unlike Michael Jordan, this large-format movie demonstrates mostly unrealized potential. An aphoristic voice-over—made slightly more penetrating by Laurence Fishburne’s persuasive delivery—leads us through a career summary (pre-Washington Wizards) that won’t be suspenseful to Jordan fans. The lower-key technical motifs include slow motion, which helps break down the complex action in game footage, and the pumped-up echo of a bouncing basketball—an effect that can’t send shivers down your spine the 16th time you hear it. Everest is one of the few large-format movies I’ve seen that uses picture-in-picture artfully; here it’s just a mechanism that pairs talking heads with illustrations. Footage of Jordan walking through a huge crowd, filmed from his point of view, encourages viewers to imagine what it might be like to be him. Directed by Jim Stern and Don Kempf. 45 min.