The title yahoos (Zac Efron, Adam Devine) have wreaked havoc at so many family gatherings that their fed-up father (Stephen Root) bans them from their sister’s impending nuptials unless they bring dates and behave themselves; after Mike and Dave appear on a TV talk show to recruit them (which the family somehow never hears about), they land a couple of live ones (Anna Kendrick, Aubrey Plaza) who cause more chaos at the event than they do. The chirpy Kendrick and baleful Plaza make a better comic team than the interchangeably dumb Efron and Devine, and giving the women equal time with the men elevates what might otherwise have been a simple knockoff of Wedding Crashers. But any such novelty is undercut by the dull certainty that, like the earlier movie, this one will end with a joyous ceremony and a validation of marriage. Mike and Dave may need wedding dates, but the producers need a date movie. Jake Szymanski directed.