Don Cheadle wrote, directed, and stars in this Miles Davis biopic, focusing on a two-day period in 1980 just before the protean jazz trumpeter began to emerge from a self-imposed retirement of five years; Ewan McGregor is a Rolling Stone reporter dispatched to find out what, if anything, the reclusive genius has been recording. To concentrate on the least productive phase of Davis’s career may seem perverse, but Cheadle and cowriter Steven Baigelman are fascinated with the idea of creative entropy in such a dynamic figure—their odd framing of the story is the sort of gutsy move Davis himself might have respected. Unfortunately there’s also a flashback sequence that connects the musician’s creative problems to his failed marriage to dancer Frances Taylor Davis; this pat psychologizing of a notoriously complex personality undercuts the swirling chaos of the 80s narrative. With Emayatzy Corinealdi and Michael Stuhlbarg.