Milkwater is a spectacular showcase of Molly Bernard’s superb talents. As Milo, a straight and aimless 20-something who rashly decides to become a surrogate for Roger (Patrick Breen), an older gay man she meets at the bar, Bernard displays a character as messy as she is mesmerizing. A slightly grittier version of the beautiful Together Together, which came out earlier this month, Milkwater takes its time examining its characters’ rougher edges. So, when Milo’s relationships begin to unravel because of her own shortcomings, viewers will still root for her. After all, her friends’ lives aren’t the picture of perfection either, with each facing their own relationship discord. Though, as Milo comes to realize, the strife is more than surmountable. Growing pains abound as she grapples with boundaries, emotional entanglement, and the hefty weight of the decision she has made in a way that feels authentic enough to earn viewers’ affections.