Miss Christina

Produced by HBO Romania (who knew?), this good old-fashioned gothic horror tale (2013) offers just the right amount of silk-nightgown eroticism and not a trace of irony. A young Bucharest painter accompanies his sweetheart to her family’s estate and discovers that it’s haunted by the ghost of an ancestor who was murdered there three decades earlier, during the Romanian Peasants’ Revolt in 1907. Before long this ghostly beauty is visiting him in his dreams and tempting him away from his flesh-and-blood girlfriend. Adapted from a novel by Mircea Eliade, the movie transpires not far from Transylvania, geographically or tonally; among the story accoutrements are an eerie oil painting of the villainess, a creepy little girl who communes with the dead, and a Van Helsing-like archaeologist who’’s unearthing a nearby necropolis. Alexandru Maftei directed. In Romanian with subtitles.