Miss Lovely

Visually stunning but shallow as narrative, this arty Indian crime story (2012) unfolds amid an immersive re-creation of the exploitation film industry in late-80s Bombay. The hero, an emotionally stunted 40-year-old, works odd jobs for his cynical older brother, a producer of cheapo horror movies featuring soft-core porn. The poor naif becomes obsessed with a young fledgling actress and sets out to direct her in a serious film; before he can, though, the brother cuts one shady business deal too many and puts their entire operation in jeopardy. Director Ashim Ahluwalia, a documentarian making his dramatic debut, keeps this pulsing with jittery editing and knockout camerawork (70s Scorsese seems to be the main reference point), though the film is hampered by a blunt, moralizing perspective. In Hindi with subtitles.