A teenage abstinence zealot gets conked on the head and awakes from a coma four years later to discover that his virginal high school sweetheart is now a Playboy centerfold. Zach Cregger and Trevor Moore, who wrote, directed, and star in this crap comedy, are adenoidal smart alecks from the sketch-comedy series The Whitest Kids U Know. As it turns out, they’re also the meanest and least inspired kids U know: the showpiece gags range from the stale (Cregger, in a hospital gown, unloading a gallon of diarrhea down his legs) to the grotesque (a rap star, played by Craig Robinson, graphically exposed as having surgical drainage tubes where his genitalia should be). Hugh Hefner makes the inevitable cameo, looking enfeebled and grandmotherly as he lectures Moore on the necessity of romantic feeling.